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A historic town that can be enjoyed by people of all ages

The Tennoji/Abeno area is one of the most prominent spots in Osaka, along with the Kita (Umeda/Kyobashi) and Minami (Namba/Shinsaibashi) areas.


Originally, Tennoji was located around Shitennoji Temple, the oldest temple complex in Japan. It was built by Prince Shotoku, the founder of Buddhism in Japan, and considered the largest temple town in Osaka. Many temples still exist in the area, including Shitennoji.

It is also the location of the East Takatsu Palace, the imperial residence of Emperor Nintoku, and is an area with a long history.



With the construction of JR Tennoji Station and the opening of the Osaka Loop Line, the area flourished early on as a terminal station, and has now grown into a large station served by the Osaka Metro, Kintetsu Minami-Osaka Line, and Hanwa Line, making it an important railroad hub, second only to Osaka Station (Umeda Station).

It is also a nexus for many bus lines, including Kintetsu Bus and Osaka City Bus, and express buses to Kanto, Tohoku, Kyushu, and other areas.


To the south of Tennoji Station, there are many large shopping facilities where you can enjoy shopping and dining. To the north is Tennoji Zoo, the Museum of Art, and Tenshiba Park, and to the west is the Shinsekai area, a very popular sightseeing spot.

This area, where old history and new culture coexist, is an entertainment district that can be fully enjoyed by all generations.


Abeno Harukas, which opened in 2014, is an iconic spot. It is the tallest building in Japan (300 meters) and houses the Kintetsu Department Store, Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel, Abeno Harukas Museum of Art, offices, and an observation deck (Harukas 300). Harukas 300 offers some of the best views in Japan, and the comfortable atrium is a great place to take a break.


The adjacent Abeno Hoop is recommended for the fashion-conscious, with select stores and stylish cafes of high fashion, as well as a food court with a variety of popular restaurants in the basement.



And with a well-stocked hospital nearby, there’s no need to worry if something goes wrong!


Abeno Harukas

Abeno Hoop


In addition, Abeno Q’s Mall, the second largest shopping mall after Harukas, has supermarkets, fashion brands, restaurants, and game arcades that cater to mulitiple generations, and is bustling with people every day.

The Apollo Lucias Building, located behind Abeno Q’s Mall, houses the Apollo Cinema, where you can enjoy the latest movies.


Abeno Q’s Mall

Apollo Cinema


North of Tennoji is the landmarks, Tennoji Park. Inside the park, you’ll find Tennoji Zoo and Osaka City Museum of Art. This is an enjoyable, relaxing place.

The entrance area of the park is called “Ten-Shiba”, and is a perfect spot for picnics, with a beautifully arranged lawn.

Adjacent to facilities for children such as Bornelund and futsal courts, and trendy restaurants, it is a comfortable space where you can relax regardless of age. Whether on your own, as a couple, or with your family, Tennoji Park is fun!



Tennoji Zoo has an entrance fee of 500 yen! After visiting with the animals in the zoo, how about relaxing at Ten-Shiba?



Tennoji Zoo

Osaka City Museum of Art

(closed for construction until spring 2025)

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