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This is the most Osakan Osaka, Shinsekai!

A popular spot for a taste of deep Osaka, Shinsekai is an area that is packed with hidden gems and is not to be missed when sightseeing in Osaka.


Shinsekai was established in 1903 when the 5th National Industrial Exhibition was held. On the site, Tennoji Park, Tsutenkaku Tower, and an amusement park called Luna Park were built.

Later, movie theaters and playhouses were built nearby, creating the spot now known as Shinsekai.


The most essential spots in Shinsekai are Janjan Yokocho and Tsutenkaku Tower.


Janjan Yokocho is the nickname of the Nanyodori shopping street, which stretches approximately 180 meters from north to south, and was named after the sound of the shamisen and drums that used to ring in the street in the old days. It is also famous for being the setting of the movie “Jikkai no uta” (Poem of Self-Denial).



Located at the foot of Tsutenkaku Tower, Janjan Yokocho offers a wide variety of inexpensive and delicious class B gourmet food!

There are about 50 restaurants, including Billiken-san, famous for its photo opportunities, Zuboraya with its large puffer fish lanterns, kushikatsu (skewered pork cutlets) shops that “do not allow dipping in sauce twice”, doteyaki, yakiniku, and stand-up drinking pubs, all of which are requisite for Osaka gourmets. The area is also the birthplace of Sankichi Sakata, a famous shogi (Japanese chess) player, and there are many Go and shogi (Japanese chess) clubs in the area.


Tsutenkaku Tower, the most famous landmark in Shinsekai, was built in 1902 in the image of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It was named “Tsutenkaku” meaning “a tall building that leads to the heavens”. The fifth floor features a statue of Billiken, said to bring happiness if you stroke the sole of its foot, and statues of the Seven Gods of Good Fortune, as well as an observatory from which you can view the entire city of Osaka.


On the rooftop, there is a special outdoor observatory “TENBO PARADISE” and an extended platform observatory, “TIP THE TSUTENKAKU”, where you can also enjoy a thrilling view of the city!

In addition, there is a new amusement ride attraction called “TOWER SLIDER,” a powerful slide that takes visitors from 22 meters above ground to the first basement floor in about 10 seconds. Why not give it a try?



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