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Anime culture and Ota Road

Since the 2000s, Nipponbashi has transformed itself into a gathering place for subcultures and otaku culture.


With the spread of video games and personal computers, the number of stores selling game software and anime-related goods has increased.

It is also known as “Otaku Road” because of the large number of foreign tourists who come to buy Japanese anime and game content, which are popular overseas as well. You will find many stores here selling anime and game character products, and because so many types of goods such as anime (and other) figures, stuffed toys, trading cards, and capsule toys are available, it is known as the “Otaku Mecca”.


Since 2005, the “Nipponbashi Street Festa” has been held and has now grown into an event that attracts more than 10,000 cosplayers from all over Japan and over 200,000 visitors. As the largest cosplay event in Japan, it has also become a center of cosplay culture both in Japan and abroad.


Maid cafes, an essential part of otaku culture, also appeared in the area quite early on.

Today, there are many concept cafes where the cast members greet you in costumes that match their respective concepts, such as maids, princesses, vampires, women disguised as men, and butlers. It’s irresistible to any otaku! I hope you enjoy your time in the Otaku district!

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