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Minami gourmet and Ura Namba

The Minami area, centered on Namba, has a rich culinary culture unique to Osaka, the “city of gourmets”.

Gourmet foods made from flour, such as okonomiyaki, takoyaki, and udon, are famously called “konamon”!


Osaka’s soul food, such as udon, doteyaki, oden, and kushikatsu, are all made with different broths and sauces, and you can enjoy the different flavors of each restaurant’s soup stock and sauce!


There are also many famous western-style restaurants. Many of them have long histories, such as “Hokkyokusei,” the birthplace of omelette rice, “Jiyuken,” founded in 1910 and famous for its specialty curry, and “Jyutei,” a European-style restaurant established in 1946! Each restaurant offers a variety of dishes such as hamburgers, fried shrimp, omelette rice, curry, and others, that will satisfy both adults and children.


Of course, there are also fine dining Japanese restaurants.

Kappo restaurants such as Naniwa Kappo “Kikawa” offer unique Japanese cuisine using seasonal ingredients. There are also many fine dining seafood restaurants such as “Kani Doraku” (crab), “Chunagon” (lobster), and “Hozenji Asakusa” (fugu and suppon). In particular, “Genshin” and other fugu restaurants are famous throughout Japan.

There are also many restaurants that specialize in meat, such as “Harishige,” which serves premium Japanese black beef dishes such as shabu-shabu and sukiyaki.


If you want to enjoy genuine hospitality and the best dining experience in Osaka, Minami Japanese Cuisine is the place to go!


In recent years, a new spot called “Ura Namba,” which refers to the area from Nankai Namba Station to the Nipponbashi area on the east side of the city, has emerged.

Standing bars, izakaya (Japanese style pubs), and stylish Italian and Spanish bars are crowded in the back alleys, where businessmen can casually enjoy a drink after work. In addition to seafood, sushi, yakiniku, yakitori, and kushikatsu, Asian cuisine such as Taiwanese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese is also in vogue, making it a dining area that attracts young people at night.


In Ura Namba, there are several places where you can enjoy the Showa-era cabaret culture. Among them, “Universe,” located on the basement floor of the Ajien Building, offers a gorgeous atmosphere with mirror balls and colorful lighting during events.

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