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Dotonbori past and present

Dotonbori is the most famous tourist spot in Osaka!


The canal was completed in 1615 by Yasui Doton and Doboku, who were also engaged in the construction of Osaka Castle. During the Edo period, it developed as a theater town with many playhouses. In particular, 5 major theaters, Kadoza, Naniwaza, Nakaza, Asahiza, and Bentenza, prospered in Japan’s largest entertainment district. Even now, though the theaters have disappeared, many tourists come to enjoy Kabuki, dance, theater, manzai, rakugo, and comedy at places such as Shochikuza and ZAZA.


Dotonbori has many huge and unique signboards. In addition to the famous Glico neon signboard and Kani Doraku, colorful neon signs are everywhere, making it a great area for photo opportunities.



Also, you may notice a giant doll. This the symbol of Kushikatsu Daruma, the Daruma Minister Doll. Installed on the roof of a building, it rotates with a height of 12 meters and a weight of 20 tons. Please take a look at it because it is full of power!


In addition, Don Quijote Dotonbori’s Dotonbori Ferris wheel “Ebisu Tower” is also very famous!

It is the world’s first oblong Ferris wheel that rotates in about 15 minutes. Wearing VR goggles, you can enjoy a 360° VR video that gives you a wider view of Dotonbori, making you feel as if you are flying in the sky!


This area is loaded with excellent eateries in city of food! There are many famous restaurants that represent Osaka, such as okonomiyaki, takoyaki, kushikatsu, yakiniku, udon, and sushi. There are plenty of gourmet foods to eat while walking, and you’ll get full just by walking around.

The view from the wooden deck “Tombori River Walk” along the Dotonbori River is excellent. Enjoy the most lively and exciting entertainment district in Minami.

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