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Dotonbori River Cruise (Wonder Loop)

The Dotonbori River was created as a canal connecting the outer moat of Osaka Castle, the Higashi Yokobori River, with the Kizu River to the west. Today, the Tombori River Walk, a wood-decked promenade along the river, allows visitors to enjoy the view of Dotonbori from the riverbank.


Visitors can enjoy sightseeing on the water aboard a cruise ship. You can enjoy the view of Dotonbori, a town where all the symbols of Osaka are concentrated, from a different angle, which will surely make your trip special and memorable!


You can choose a cruise ship based on how much time you have and your preferences, such as a cruise where you can enjoy a casual 20 minutes on the water, a cruise where you can enjoy sightseeing on the river with live jazz, or a cruise where a rakugo storyteller guides you through the history and tourist attractions of the water city Osaka.

There are also seasonal and event-specific programs, so you can enjoy new attractions by cruising the Dotonbori River multiple times.


In addition, since Osaka’s many bridges are all unique in design, it is very interesting to take the time to appreciate them from different angles as you proceed down the river.

Some cruise companies offer cruises from the Dotonbori River to the Higashi Yokobori River and the Okawa River where you can enjoy the sight of Osaka Castle from the water, allowing you to really appreciate the city of water. How about a special moment when you can experience the floodgates of the Higashi Yokobori River, which has the same system as the Panama Canal, and view Osaka Castle, one of Osaka’s landmarks?


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