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Soemon-cho and surrounding night spots

Soemon-cho, located north of Dotonbori, is an entertainment district that developed as a geisha quarter around the theater district of Dotonbori.


Soemon-cho, which has inherited the chic tea house culture, was an area with many famous restaurants and high-class clubs, starting with Yamatoya, which transformed from a tea house to a fine dining restaurant.


In the area of Higashi-Shinsaibashi, which is located a little north of Soemon-cho, there are many bars where young people party, and nightclubs where you can enjoy DJ shows, drink and dance. There are also many host clubs and cabaret clubs in this area.

There are magic bars where you can casually enjoy table magic, and glamorous show pubs making it an entertainment district where both men and women can have a great time.


Every year on February 3, Setsubun day, the “Soemon-cho Yaku-yoke Okake Mochitsuki” festival is held at a special venue on Aiaibashi Bridge, where the customs of the Hanamachi district are still very much in evidence.

This local festival is held to pray for family safety, good fortune, and business prosperity. The mochi pounded every year is served as red bean paste rice cakes, soybean paste rice cakes, and Zenzai, and barrel sake is also served.

In addition, visitors are greeted with “haunted makeup,” a traditional custom in the Hanamachi area. Every year, several people, including Miss Soemon-cho and the runner-up, put on the haunted makeup, and there is even a masquerade for Ebisu-sama, making this a very enjoyable event!


Soemon-cho Yakuyoke Haunted Mochi with Rice

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