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Sennichimae Shopping Street and Ramen Battleground

Sennichimae is an area on the way from Namba to Hozenji and Dotonbori, and since ”Hozenji” and ”Chikurinji” were called ”Sennichiji”, the street in front of the temple came to be called Sennichimae.


Many people visit Sennichimae every day. In this area with popular okonomiyaki and sushi restaurants, karaoke, and amusement buildings, there remain long-established coffee shops with a Showa retro feel. These coffee shops are full of locals.


Among them, we recommend “Jun Kissa American”, “Arabiya Coffee” and “Marufuku Coffee Shop”. Enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee in an old-style atmosphere.


Recently, it has become known as a ramen battlefield, with excellent ramen shops competing on the main Sennichimae shopping street and into the alleys.

Not only local Osaka ramen connoisseurs, but also many tourists from all over Japan and overseas come to enjoy comparing the shops.


In the Sennichimae shopping district, illustrations of the mascot character “Minyamin”, a good luck cat, will welcome you everywhere.

Interesting characters related to Minyamin, and phrases in the Osaka dialect appear on flags displayed in the shopping arcade, so be sure to look out for them!


You can meet Minyamin at various events like local festivals and even Halloween!

Take a commemorative photo if you get a chance!



Sennichimae Shopping Street


Also, not yet very well known, the huge “Ryokai Mandala” drawn on the wall of the Sennichiyama Gushoji Temple and the drawing of the dragon god “White Soryu Chinkon” in the back alley are new excellent photo opportunities. Take some photos!


Sennichiyama Gushoji Temple

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