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Historic Hozenji

Hozenji Temple is located near Sennichimae.


The temple was originally located in Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture, but was moved to Namba, Osaka in 1637.

Everything except for “Mizukake Fudoson” was lost during the first air raid on Osaka during World War II, and in recent years, the temple suffered fires in 2002 and 2003. It is a strong temple that since its foundation has experienced fire and war damage many times and has recovered each time.


There are many halls and statues within Hozenji Temple’s precincts.

The “Nishimukai Fudo Myoo,” popularly known as “Mizukake Fudo,” is said to be “the Fudo-san who grants any wish.” The entire temple is covered with moss, and water can be poured over the moss with a ladle.

“Konpira-do” enshrines the god of maritime safety. Although Hozenji Temple is located in the city, it is well known as a guardian deity of maritime traffic. Namba used to be a port town. “Ohatsu Okami” is an Inari Shrine that enshrines the god of prosperity and bountiful harvests.

There are also many other attractions such as “Futagawa Hakudo Hall,” which represents the path to Paradise, and on a side street “Jiji Jizoson,” which commemorates the recovery from the fire.


Hozenji Temple has been a favorite of cultural figures, and stone monuments, including a monument to a poem about Hozenji Temple, are scattered throughout the temple grounds.


Tenryuzan Hozenji Temple


Within the grounds of Hozenji Temple, there is an alleyway called Hozenji Yokocho, which is paved with cobblestones. It is a small alley, 80m long and 3m wide, extending from east to west.

There are a variety of shops including long-established Japanese restaurants, bars, and places serving okonomiyaki, kushikatsu, and blowfish.



The Hozenji MEOTO building houses more restaurants, such as Meoto Zenzai, visited by tourists for the two-bowl zenzai (a Japanese sweet) that appears in the novel Meoto Zenzai. Also, conveyor belt sushi shop CHOJIRO and MAIN BAR SPIRITS are located within the precincts of Hozenji Temple, so be sure to visit.


At night, with the lanterns lit, you’ll get a wonderful nostalgic feel for the old Naniwa culture.




CHOJIRO Hozenji store


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