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Ebisubashi Bridge and Ebisubashisuji Shopping Street

Ebisubashi Bridge is a bridge over the Dotonbori River, also known as “Hikkake Bridge”, and is the most famous spot in Minami!

The Glico signboard is a photo spot so famous that most people who visit Dotonbori for sightseeing in Osaka take a commemorative photo with this neon sign in the background. It is common knowledge that many famous celebrities also enjoy this excellent photo opportunity.


The Ebisubashi Bridge has a long history, and was completed around the same time that Dotonbori was excavated. It is said in those days many people crossed the bridge from Shinsaibashi street and passed through Ebisubashi street to pray for the Toka Ebisu, the first major festival of the year, at Imamiya Ebisu Shrine.

In addition, people who went to the theater in Dotonbori also crossed the Ebisubashi Bridge, and the area along Ebisubashi-suji Street was developed as a result.


The current Ebisubashi Bridge was renovated in November 2007. The top of the bridge is a circular plaza with the image of a theater, and it is possible to go down to the waterside by way of a slope alongside the plaza. Enjoy the scenery along the Dotonbori River!

Though many people don’t notice, the railings of the bridge are decorated with images of okonomiyaki trowels, so have a close look.


Speaking of Ebisubashi, the Ebisubashi-suji Shopping Street stretches from the south side of Ebisubashi to the front of Nankai Namba Station. The 370m-long shopping street is lined with a great variety of shops, from well-established, traditional names to newer chain stores.

Bustling daily with locals and tourists alike you’ll find not only cafes and drugstores but also karaoke, izakaya (Japanese-style pubs) and fashion.


There are many shops that carry the perfect Osaka souvenirs!

Pork buns from ”551 Horai”, popsicles from ”Hokkyoku”, kelp from ”Oguraya Osaka Ebisubashisuji”, and tempura from ”Otora Kamaboko” are loved by both tourists and locals. At Ichibirian, you can find humorous, unique souvenirs found only in Osaka.


In the vicinity of Namba, there are large shopping complexes including “Namba Marui”, “Edion Namba”, and “Takashimaya Osaka”. Enjoy shopping, movie theaters and restaurants!


Ebisubashisuji Shopping Street

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