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Kuromon Market
Ethnic Food Ingredients from Asian Countries

In the Nipponbashi and Shimanouchi neighborhoods near Kuromon Market, the number of shops selling ingredients from all over the world is increasing rapidly!


In particular, there are many shops that sell frozen ingredients, processed foods, and seasonings that can be used in Chinese and Korean cuisine, as well as many unique shops that cannot be found on the Internet.


There are many Chinese and Koreans living in Japan, so naturally there are many Chinese, Taiwanese, and Korean shops and izakayas, which feature home cooking. Enjoy the authentic atmospheres and flavors!


At a Chinese food specialty store in the Nipponbashi area, you can buy uncommon frozen ingredients such as pork and beef offal, mutton, edible frogs, and chicken claws that are not everyday items in Japan. In addition to dim sum meatballs and boiled dumplings for hotpot, a wide variety of ingredients such as rice vermicelli and dried tofu, pickled vegetables such as chives and Chinese peppers, and spices such as star anise, cinnamon bark, and Sichuan pepper are available. Enjoyable even just to look at.



At Korean food specialty stores, you can buy gochujang and other seasonings, Korean seaweed, instant noodles, Korean retort food, snacks, and other easy-to-eat items, as well as drinks such as makgeolli and juices.

Recommended is the Korean commercial supermarket “Hiroba”!

From side dishes such as kimchi and salted fish, to tteokbokki and Korean cold noodles, there is a wide variety of ingredients that will make you feel like you are in Korea.



The Shimanouchi area is also close to Dotonbori, Soemoncho, and Shinsaibashi, and in recent years, business hotels, vacation stays, and guest houses have increased to keep up with the increase in overseas tourists.


The shopping mall “DOTONPLAZA”, which opened in April 2017, is lined with cafes, fashion accessory shops, and drugstores, and also a foreign exchange shops, so you can browse with peace of mind!

After enjoying Dotonbori, please enjoy the Nipponbashi/Shimanouchi area!



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