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America Mura
America Mura, a trendy part of town where young people gather

Introducing America Mura!


America Mura (commonly known as Amemura) is an area located in the Nishi-Shinsaibashi district.


Long ago, there were only warehouses, offices, residences, and parking lots for the Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street stores, but with the opening of Cafe “Loop” in the 1970s, young surfers began renovating and remodeling. They began to sell American casual style clothing imported from Hawaii and the west coast of the U.S.A. This area gradually came to be called “America Mura”.


Today, it is a place where young designers and creators work and where youth culture is transmitted.Lined with used clothing stores, boutiques, record stores, and the latest cafes, this is the most exciting area in Osaka for fashion trends and music.



The large plaza “BIG STEP”, a landmark of America Mura, features many interesting shops and frequent events. On Halloween, a large monument appears, and many young people gather outside for the largest costume party of the year.


A mecca for Kansai music, it features more than 20 live music venues from which bands and artists have spread their wings all over Japan.

There are also clubs and bars where you can enjoy hearing the latest hip-hop, techno, and other styles, as well as dancing and drinking, so be sure to check them out!


Gourmet food and popular sweets are also plentiful. Osaka’s signature gourmet food, “Takoyaki”, is also readily available. Takoyaki Kougaryu, located in front of Triangle Park, the symbol of America Mura, is particularly famous, but there are many other takoyaki shops, so be sure to compare them!


An undermentioned, fun activity is spotting the human-shaped street lamps! There are 3 types totaling 50 lamps so keep an eye out while you’re wandering around.


America Mura is an appealing area where fashion, music and art intertwine.

Please stop by when you come to Minami!


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