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Horie, a place with many chic cafes

Horie, a new area located west of America Mura, lined with groovy cafes, general stores, interior shops, vintage clothing stores, boutiques, and hair salons. It also hosts designer and creator offices, and exudes a tasteful, calm atmosphere a bit different than America Mura.


Commonly known as “Orange Street”, which prospered as a furniture district during the high economic growth period, you’ll find sophisticated boutiques, salons and cafes often crowded with the fashion conscious. There are also izakayas, art cafes, and small-scale live music venues scattered about, and many shops that serve as hideaways for adults.


We recommend Canal Terrace Horie, a complex of restaurants and cafes along the Dotonbori River.

Pass time in a calm space by the Dotonbori riverside, and at night spend a more romantic time when it lights up.

In addition, the octagonal building, “Minatomachi River Place”, seen from Canal Terrace Horie, includes a live house, bars, FM Osaka, and a cafe.



The outdoor “Plaza 1, 2, and 3” is always bustling with various events, including festivals, concerts, flea markets, and tourism campaigns.


The wooden deck overlooking the grand staircase of Minatomachi River Place and the Dotonbori River is a wonderful, open place to feel Osaka, the city of water.

There is also a dock for Dotonbori cruises on the riverside so enjoy a cruise.



Minatomachi River Place


Further south is the Osaka City Air Terminal, commonly known as “OCAT”. It is a very convenient location with good access to JR Namba Station, Kansai International Airport, and Osaka Airport.


Osaka City Air Terminal (OCAT)

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